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The New White BlackBerry Passport coming soon, officially confirmed

White BlackBerry Passport coming soon, officially confirmed

I think the White BlackBerry Passport would stand out more if just the keyboard was in white and bezels on the sides of the screen and top bezel where in black. I really like the design of the Passport, and I think the touch sensitive keyboard is a really neat idea. I’d love to be able to pick one up, but realistically I probably won’t. My Z30 does what I need and it’s still in great shape.
new cell phones coming out
The Passport fills a very specific need & is a nice addition to their line-up. I feel they need something more to be competitive, design-wise.
new phones coming out


new phones coming out

The BlackBerry Passport will have a 1440 x 1440 resolution on a screen under 5 inches, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and 3450mAh battery.

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha pictures leaked, sepcs: 4.7-inch display and metal frame

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha pictures leaked, sepcs: 4.7-inch display and metal frame

The new New Samsung Galaxy Alpha really looks like the galaxy s2(international version) with the more squared off look which isn’t bad. I like the metal sides and the flash arrangement.
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
New cell phone coming out
According to SamMobile reports, new Galaxy Alpha Coming out will have a 4.7″ HD display, 32GB of storage, no microSD, fingerprint scanner, and Exynos processor for select markets. Totally agree on the phone size! I just want the best specs in a phone I can stick in my front pocket!  If that screen is 1080p, hopefully a sd card is included and has 2gb ram with a good cpu I might consider.

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New Nokia Lumia 635 with Windows Phone 8.1 AT&T launch on July 25th for $99.99

The New AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 will be launch on July 25th for $99.99. Phone features great and comes with windows 8.1 relly great this phone is a real smartphone. Also its a good starting phone and easy to use. Nokia phones are notably good. Durable, excellent cameras, and colourful.
Nokia Lumia 635 specs:
- 4.5-inch FWVGA display, ClearBlack LCD, Gorilla 3
- quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor
- 512MB of RAM
- 8GB of internal storage
- support microSD cards up to 128GB
- Battery: 1830mAh
- Windows Phone 8.1
- Lumia 635 LTE single-sim
The device is available with AT&T Next 18 for as little as $5.84 per month or only $7 per month with Next 12.5
Source:  AT&T Blog Via: WP Central

New Nexus 6 phone coming out

New Nexus 6 phone coming out

We really do know that it is so earlier to talk about the Google Nexus 6 and expect things, but actually we won't expect things but we will provide the right information about this new upcoming Nexus 6. It is expected that Google will announce it in a few months from now. But, this new upcoming phone has made a buzz in the Internet. In this current, we find that Gizmodo site has told that Google loves LG for its flourished experience with Google especially after Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, that is why Google has chosen LG company.

Is really the Google Nexus 6 coming out will be different ?

According to the rumors on the Internet, and according the website. Nexus 6 will be a version of LG G3 that we already made an article about which is upcoming phone as well but Nexus 6 coming out will be not as LG G3 in options. Read more about the upcoming LG G3 …

What are the specifications of the upcoming Nexus 6 ?

Well, it seems that this new LG phone will have a good reputation in specifications, let us know these specs just right below:

Processor: true octa core 2.4 ghz
Operating System: Android v6  MilkShake
Body: Metallic
RAM: 3-4 GB
Display: 2560 × 1440 qhd
size: 5.3 inches

They were the main specifications for this new Nexus 6 phone coming out, there is another rumors that say Lg will manufacture a smart watch as well, and it would be called (Google Smart Watch).

Do you think this is a good idea from Google to manufacture this awesome new Nexus 6 phone coming out in collaboration with LG ? And what if it was with Samsung to Apple ? Your comments are needful, so please do make a comments and you will build an interaction.

New ZTE Nubia Z7 Coming out soon, Specs and Price

Since a year ago, we had heard about this phone. But now with trustful information this phone will be released soon from an awesome Chinese company which is "ZTE". This new ZTE Nubia Z7 phone coming soon has special and design and amazing options and if we take a deep observation we could find that this Chinese phone is a extraction of LG G3 (the slim frame) and HTC One M8 (wonderful chassis). There are lot of rumors that say this new ZTE phone which is Nubia Z7 will be one of the most powerful competitor for Apple and Samsung also HTC and Sony phones in the last months in 2014. Do you think it will be real and right ? Personally, i don't think so because this Chinese company has no good reputation in the market as Apple and Samsung .. Have. Therefore people would not determine to buy such phone.
New Coming out soon, Specs and Price

 What are the specifications of the up coming ZTE Nubia Z7 ?
Actually, good specifications with this phone. I let you discover and decide..

Camera: 16.0 MP, 4640 x 3480 Pixels
Camera Zoom: Digital Zoom with Auto-Focus and LED Flash
OS: Android OS v4.4 (Kitkat)
Resolution: 5-inch screen with 1080p
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 805

And much more specifications, just stay tuned we are coming by some new information about this new ZTE Nubia Z7 Coming out soon in the few upcoming day. Anyway, i think this phone has a good specs but its price is not appropriate for some, because it is 560$ and we have another more wonderful smartphones and they are less expensive and better in design and options. Your comments are needful below do not hesitate to discuss with us.

ZTE Nubia Z7

ZTE Nubia Z7 Coming out 
ZTE Nubia Z7

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